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60-Second Investor

60-Second Investor

This newly updated version of The 60-Second Investor, includes over 130 tips, tools, and tactics for the time-strapped investor! One minute. That's all it takes to get on top of investment strategies, useful investment tools, and sound, strategic financial planning strategies that really work. From best-selling author Charles Carlson, CFA, comes this much-needed cure for investment information overload. Even if you don't have a lot of time, you'll learn all about: market timing, stock splits, companies raising dividends, opportunities for the “Little Guys”, technical analysis, getting dividends every month, and much more.

The 60-Second Investor is only shipped to U.S. Residents.  Please call 800-233-5922 if you have questions. 

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Pages: 144

Author: Charles B Carlson

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