Horizon Publishing Company, formerly known as Dow Theory Forecasts, Inc., located in Hammond, Indiana, provides stock market analysis for individual investors.

LeRoy Evans, an astute investor, founded the company and created Dow Theory Forecasts in 1946 to advise and educate individual investors on investing and the stock market. The company, renamed Horizon Publishing Company, is now owned by LeRoy’s son, Robert Evans.

Horizon’s flagship publication, Dow Theory Forecasts, continues to be highly regarded among the investment community.

Horizon is headed by Chief Executive Officer Charles B. Carlson, CFA. Mr. Carlson lives in Valparaiso, Indiana and is the author of nine investment books including The Little Book of Big Dividends and best-selling Buying Stocks Without A Broker and Eight Steps To Seven Figures. Some of his other books include, Winning With The Dow's Losers, Chuck Carlson's 60-Second Investor and The Smart Investor's Survival Guide.

Mr. Carlson coined the term “no-load stocks” and is oftentimes referred to in the press as "the individual investor's most important ally." He frequently appears on television and radio shows including CNBC, CNN, NBC's Today Show, WBBM's Noon Business Hour and Business Radio Network. His comments have appeared in such newspapers and magazines as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Business Week, Forbes, Barron's, Money and Kiplinger's Personal Finance.

In 1992 Horizon launched DRIP Investor, a monthly newsletter created and edited by Mr. Carlson. DRIP Investor reflects Mr. Carlson’s desire to invest in stocks without paying broker commissions and provides self-directed investors analysis and details on direct purchase plans and dividend reinvestment plans.

In early 2000, Richard Moroney, CFA, Editor of Dow Theory Forecasts, began publishing scores for his newly created stock-rating system, Quadrix. Quadrix has a universe of nearly 4,800 U.S. traded stocks and scores these stocks on over 90 variables in seven categories including Momentum, Earnings Estimates, Financial Strength and Performance, to name a few.

Quadrix proved to be successful in weeding out poorly rated stocks and bringing promising stocks to our attention. Since the universe of small and midcap stocks is so large, our analysts are now able to thoroughly research the narrowed universe of small and midcap stocks identified by Quadrix. In 2003, we launched Upside, providing subscribers with our best buys in small and midcap stocks.

In 1997 Horizon once again expanded its services, and began to include money management through its sister company, Horizon Investment Services.  In 2003, Horizon Investment Services launched an independent advisory service for Corporate 401(k) Retirement and Profit Sharing plans.

Being in the investment advice business can be quite daunting in smooth markets, but especially during volatile markets. It is testament to the quality of our guidance and services that we have weathered up and down markets, market crashes, recessions, and all that has happened in the past seven decades.

Our number one priority is providing superior products and services to fit the needs of our valued customers.