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  • Low Risk Stocks with Growth Potential

    In this Special Report you'll discover the best way to choose winning stocks using a price/free-cash-flow ratio. Better still, you'll get a detailed analysis of 5 stocks that already show a favorable free-cash-flow trend that make them stocks you should seriously consider.

    Item: SRRSOAR
  • Safe & Strong: High-Quality Picks for Rock Solid Gains

    This Special Report shows you how to pick out small stocks with the potential to become tomorrow's leaders. These stocks are safe, strong and ready to outperform the market today, a year from now, and into the future.

    Item: SRSAFST
  • The #1 Stock to Own Now

    This detailed report reveals the name of one company that has our team very excited, and the cold calculations of Quadrix rating this stock a very promising investment.

    Item: SRSBEST
  • Takeover Candidates with the Biggest Upside Potential

    Here are the stocks that are prime targets for takeovers, that have strong fundamentals and have the potential for substantial stock price increases. This way, regardless of whether or not a takeover develops, you’ll still have the limited-risk stocks with high potential for significant returns.

    Item: SRTAKE
  • Small-Caps, Big Bargains

    In every recession, small caps on average gained 11.39%. This report will show you how to select the stocks before Wall Street discovers them, so you can make substantial gains in this market.

    Item: SRSMCBB
  • The Sure Thing

    This report provides all the information you need to know about purchasing DRIPs at a discount.

    Item: SRSURET
  • How Quadrix Can Make You a More Successful Investor

    Find the stocks that will outperform the market this year. That's because Quadrix is unaffected by fear, hope and greed. So, you'll have the cool judgment to discern which stocks you should hold on to and which ones you should dump.

    Item: SRQUSUC
  • Using Earnings Revisions to Pick Stocks

    To gauge the trend in profit estimates, we use a proprietary rating system. The system evaluates the changes in quarterly and annual consensus profit estimates. This reports lists Quadrix and earnings estimate leaders.

    Item: SRUSING