Dow Theory Forecasts

Stock Market Trends & Securities Report Since 1946

Stock recommendations and analysis every week for individual investors looking for actionable advice based on facts not opinions, is how Dow Theory Forecasts has become one of the Nation’s oldest stock market publications.

The Dow Theory is a method that interprets and classifies general market trends based on the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial and Transportation Indexes. It has proved one of the best methods yet devised for forecasting the future of the stock market.

Twice weekly hotlines with market news, stock upgrades and downgrades, daily features online, and access to our proprietary Quadrix® stock-rating system keep investors informed every weekday. Start your FREE 30-DAY TRIAL today!



Best Buys in Small and Midcap Stocks

Small and midcap stocks represent roughly 85% of the nearly 4,800 U.S. traded stocks, making it difficult to find those with upside potential.

Our proprietary stock rating system, Quadrix, developed by Upside Editor, Richard Moroney, allows us to find the top up-and-coming stocks based on more than 90 variables in seven categories including momentum, quality and value.

Once Quadrix narrows the field to a manageable group of stocks, our analysts do the kind of research and analysis you can’t get from a computerized system.

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DRIP Investor

Your Guide to Buying Stocks Without a Broker

Self-directed investors find DRIP Investor to be their go to guide for finding companies that allow investors to buy their first share and every share of stock directly. DRIPs, also allow investors to reinvest dividends into additional shares or fractional shares of stock.

The number of companies permitting initial purchases has grown to over 400 firms, and are quite robust providing such options as IRAs, discounts, borrowing features, automatic investment programs via electronic debit of a bank account, market orders and online buys and sells.

DRIP investing works. A powerful strategy for wealth creation, the combination of long-term investing, dividend reinvestment, dollar-cost averaging, and no-cost / low-cost investing provide the right mix for self-directed investors. Try a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL today!